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Paroles de Food, Savers, Scissors de CyHi Da Prynce, ScHoolboy Q

Food, Savers, Scissors est une chanson de CyHi Da Prynce, ScHoolboy Q pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 22/07/2012.

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There are 2 things that you must have

Food savers and scissors, food savers and scissors
We use it so they can't smell shit
And it makes it safe to deliver
I specialize in trees nigga
Every day is like Christmas
I need
Food savers and scissors, food savers and scissors

Ok, these are all my accessories
Especially if you invest in weed
All I ever sold was marijuana
I ain't selling nothing with a recipe
I'm in the bay not just the pete
Seen more trees than you'll ever see
Put a pound of kush on a nigga head
If you ever think about flexing me
Food savers and scissors, 2 flavors I give you
Got grand daddy, got og,
You can use papers or swishers
Get a bag, fill it up, cut the top then get seal it up
All my partners got rich off,
But they all worth a quarter mill in ...
I don't know no nigga that's real as us
I bought a house I'm dealing bud
I can't believe it ain't legal yet
But i'ma sell it since it's still a drug
They call me side young cause everybody know I'm pitching
You can tell when you walk inside my kitchen
All you see is


I'm the man with the oz's, my plug call me wizard
Sure I got some purp and I got some killa
To you it smell like gas but to me it smell like vanilla
And all my bud light, cause I don't fuck with milla
Not liquor, reggie, I keep a bag of them digits
If you take a peak of his last name
I'm into grass like teddy
I ... like spaghetti, get the money out the ass I got a wedgie
Why you mad? I don't owe you jack son, that's jessie
I got a 6 pack in my chevy, that's what I call a muscle car
I ain't talking bout dope shawty, when I say that I hustle hard
Just the other day I sent my girl to the target
For some tissue and some soap for our apartment
Plus I need some


Grow up nigga but I'm feel though
Siroc boy with a little endo
10 racks, hunned shows 1 mill
Mixtape on billboard, fuck my deal
... a little weed out of oxy pills
Come on...but my lips are sealed...
Bang your top before they bang your gavel
Grenade in the mouth for the nigga that...
Rock to the tools...sold everything
Crack cocaine and pussy
...full of dope...quite a few pounds, she can feel the hummer
Call me puff daddy lil bitch I'm flashing
Grand daddy kush man I love my grams
Fuck ball ...but I'm going ham
Vietnam, tax all niggas, fuck uncle sam...


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