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Paroles de James Harden (Freestyle) de CyHi Da Prynce

James Harden (Freestyle) est une chanson de CyHi Da Prynce pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2012.

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Yeah, I'm James Harden
Yeah, I say I'm g oh
O, oh d
I fleet foot I ain't never had cold feet
I fuck 76 chicks this year nigga
And I'm still tryin to get some more chicks
Never catch me sleeping like old clees
Niggas could have seen me if they had a front roll c
At the garden gotta have a carbon
Then rain say is bout for guns in the.. dream
I'm on the team but they say I ain't startin
But I'm still ballin shout out to James Harden
Now do this felt the daily, no I ain't carsen
When I freestyle baby like he ain't chargin
No, is just the rhyme that I wrote
All my hoes that depose, but they ain't trying to fow I
Flow in the flu like I ain't got a cold nigga
Livin with the prince like the cane got the scope
But them god's gift to young killers who buy zips
I got the stupid but it ain't feelin like josh smith
People call me crown big 'cause I cock whips
I don't think ya'll get it, the cock whips
'cause in Atlanta a crown big is a cock whip
I got a check and blue it all like the watch creep
I'm a lock sniff 'cause I opened up doors,
Without use the key and best believe I got piff
Rap is still a metaphor but not like dead and shot live
Rock ..shirts I'm down when rocks..
I'm dropping off this freak verse and she ain't fucking all rivers
Offer me to kicking with a bitch and if she do not strip
I'm bout to take a ball trip to escape hard shit,
I remember buying apple begs at the starship
Hoping one day I'll be living where the stars lvie
Depending on how to cause flip,
I'm dreaming but I'm still awake
They sleeping on me like they locate
Straighten on the road to success well I know triple eight
I illustrate kind of killers ey,
I call the pete maverick, 'cause they was all about that pistol play
Huh more like n one with a hand gun
And put it to your ear like a same song,
But niggas getting out of pocket like a camera ..
Then we did to the n shut out to..
Don't stop the tay let the Cameron
I wrong with shooters with guns as long as the..arms
Any nigga in front of my golers getting slamp done
93 sean came nba jam..
Wont' stop till my fans gone,
If I was playing but the Lakers I wouldn't mind being at one
Till get pussy like ten pons got your bitch rate about me
When I touch down I'm in..
Know a couple chicks that I'm f*ck em and sean
I'm good at any city that I land on
I'm blowin kush in the fan I shit em like the sand is stone
If you wanna split that'swill cause a couple..James Harden
James harden
I might not be the richest but nigga I ain't starvin
Shout out to James Harden
I'm James Harden, I'm James Harden
I might not be the richest but nigga I ain't starvin
Shout out to James Harden

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