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Paroles de GAME de Scotty, Trinidad James, Big KRIT

GAME est une chanson de Scotty, Trinidad James, Big KRIT pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en mai 2013.

Les paroles de GAME ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Cruising like a sail boat, tuggin at my tear coat
Cocktail, folks looking at me like I sell dope
No, I just rap a little, you can say I sell hope
I'm so hip, I ain't falling for that shit you fear
Game, game, game, that's game
Game, game, game, that's game

Let me tell you bout these hoes
These hoes ain't shit right
Talking bout she got a man
She volunteered on first night
Let me tell you bout these hoes
These hoes like niggas too
Fucking you and your home boy
Same time, show due
And I can tell you something bout these niggas
These niggas better speed up
It's 5 star with your old star, just recline with my feet up
Hd on my flat screen, guess who rollin my weed up
Hint, hint, see not mine, little hood rat and my cheese up
And I slow down just a little bit
Chasing hoes just love that
Rp be terrible, riding dirty still do that
Gang give me that good hit
Head tight like scorch yeah
Still getting more hoe than you
In other day I say fucki rappin, I'm game
G is for getting it, a is for all day
M is for money
E is for everything
It's pimping the player
Better yet, the e is for east side
Like tonya the cator and I'm


Let me tell you about game
I wrote this on a plane to ny man, haha yeah
You can play the game or get played
For you cross a nigga look both ways
Cause these streets are s shit, nigga ok
Nigga think you got that set, now to down to biz your friend
Like he talk you behind your back, but shop on direct
Like bra I need some help, man y all niggas hell
I'm a town, I'ma stay down, cause y all niggas shelf
And yeah I ain't gas here, but in calico I had it brah
Start the flavors on that pat brah, but the shit was overrated
I had to do what I had to, cause lil mama rent had to be paid
And it wasn't too hard cause, that hustle man, was my thang
There's a lot of niggas in this game, real and fake
Trust a niggas maine, can be a key mistake
I really wish that it, wouldn't have to be this way
But it's a game, god damn!


Now, now, I'm player made, this shit ever player way
Choose gator, slick as activator
Seus is tailor made, Gatorade
Won't replenish you
In this game, I own this field
Now I admit when it comes to shaking these ...hoes
It takes some skills
Takes some will, it takes some power
It will ... my piece that's crazy
See we talk about them trains
With no bumping brakes if you a wheel conductor
I press a button she down for fucking
That a protect, I really love
Slide with brothers, you bust and cuff em
Roll doggin, hell no, you kissin busses
They lickin, suckin, on my dick, with no stallin
Sharp as queels with no...means krit natural
Authentic and, it's all good
Your girl looking your miss
Ain't nothing you can do about it maine
Your girl looking your miss
Ain't nothing you can do about it maine


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