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Paroles de Shine On de Big KRIT, Bun B

Shine On est une chanson de Big KRIT, Bun B pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 02/03/2013.

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Back one more 'gain
Multi 'til the sun die
UGK for life
Good Lord, Good Lord
It feels good to shine
Let's go...

Shine on - don't get me wrong
Yeah, yeah, yeah we shinin' on
It's way too strong - yeah, yeah shine on
Good Lord, they know it - now, now we shinin' on
Ain't nobody trippin' 'cause the money already made

Verse: K.R.I.T.
By the time you probably heard this, I was on another verse, bitch
Diamonds in the back with curtains
Breakin' hoes off, I never doze off at my post
Never disrespect your host, or bite the hand that feed ya
Cufflinks cold as Ebenezer,
My momma probably should of named me Caesar
Cleaner than a baptist preacher that use to pimp
Gator shoes don't make the man, so primp primp
So keep on with that, like I won't whip back
Around in that 'Lac, that you done seen
Don't worry about this, I'm serious about this, if you know what I mean
Shine on...


So lately I've been observin'
A lot of these niggas look nervous
Come on in, don't be ashamed
Go and steal some game from my sermon
'Cause elevation to celebration, I preach that there
And that bullshit that they servin' y all, I don't eat that there
Keep that plate, I got my own
Don't test my patience, bitch, I'm grown
It ain't much you can tell me granny ain't already told me
And she wasn't wrong, yeah we that strong
So fuck your umbrella, rainy weather, and all that shade
If God ain't want me to shine, he never would've let me chop on blades
So shine on...


Bun B
They say man make money, money don't make the man
But it's a little bit of both
'Cause it will take some change for you to make some change
That ain't just some shit I wrote
Man that's natural fact, and not evolution
My mind game still evolvin'
And I'm gonna keep on rollin' like 24s
And this world just keep revolvin'
Good at problem solvin',
'cause I'm good at startin' shit in the first place
And it feels so good to be where I'm at man,
'cause where I was was the worst place
But times change, so I keep hustlin', boys tryna make my time cease
But I'm laid back with my dime piece, shinin' hard like my time piece and it's on

Shine baby, shine baby, shine baby
I need you to come on one more time and just shine, babe
Shine Baby, shine baby, shine baby
I need you to do it like you do and just shine, baby
Shine Baby, shine baby, shine baby
One more time for all my folk I'm gon' shine, babe
Shine Baby, shine baby, shine baby
They can't stop me from shinin' on my own
Ain't no shining like we shinin'
Ain't no shining like we shinin'
Ain't no shining like we shinin'
Ain't no shining like we shinin'
Ain't no shining like we shinin'
Ain't no shining like we shinin'
Ain't no shining like we shinin'
Ain't no shining like we shinin', babe...

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