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Paroles de Get The Money de Ja Rule

Get The Money est une chanson de Ja Rule pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 06 février 2011.

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Ja Rule
34 street of the West Side
I see a big sign that says New York
What New York got to offer?
Big cars, big money, I'm all for,
What big city boy, you know that it comes short!
Small stage tall order, uptown, it will never be the same,
Of the days of Rich Portal, Queens ?, Supreme
Being that I know him personally, I tell you what you told me,
It's tough to be number one, adored by everyone wake up and they all gone!
Fuck 'em!
Live long or die young n-gger, to each his own
Cause everything was all good, just a year ago
Yes, so here I go, new beach home, new French bitch,
Got my boat shoes on!
Boss n-gger! Rule n-gger!
Even though I done did it, I'm due n-gger!

Queens, get the money!
Queens, get the money!
Queens, get the money! long time, no cash!
Brooklyn! Get money!
Brooklyn! Get money!
Brooklyn! Get money!
Long time no cash
Up town, get money
Up town, get money
Up town, get money
Long time no cash
New York! New York!
New York! New York!
New York! New York!
New York! New York!

Ja Rule
Ha! Passport gang here,
You can catch me in the French Riviera!
G4 tail number number TT069 with a bitch that suck dick three six five, 24/7
Bitch we in the clouds this is not happening!
May I offer them hot lips and cold beverage
Did she lick the bezel and the watch
And told me this is the only type of ice that she f-cks with
Brooklyn bitch! Know how to get it up!
Keep a 32 snub in a Louie clutch!
I popped the clutch, Scaglietti with a peanut butter interior already!
I'm sorta heavy, a big deal, A milli 2 for the land, 10 to get it build
Boss n-gger! Rule n-gger!
Even though I done did it, I'm due n-gger!


Yeah! Know where the New York Giant is
Look us up under hip hop pioneers,
We smoothered the grids with butter baby
I'd like some cheese with mine!
Breakfast of Champion's, Coffee like cream
Got a lot of stick, but I'm making it!
These n-ggers Benedict
What are expecting, n-gger, bend a dick
I'm getting rich, you mirrored this
Now you're reflection is moi, priceless!
How do I look drapped up in all these diamonds
The sound for your brand new Harman Kardon's
We're getting money over here, pardon!
If you ain't under the umbrella you get rained on
My empire's in a state of take off, to Neverlands, we got next!
Boss n-gger! Rule n-gger!


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