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Paroles de Real Life Fantasy de Ja Rule

Real Life Fantasy est une chanson de Ja Rule pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 26 avril 2011.

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I'm a rockstar Rick James Mick Jagger
Bright light big stages bad habits
Get high got to prison and invade taxes
This is not what I invison
When I started rapping.
F-ck the mansions, the phantoms, the sweets, the cabanas
Because none of that matters when the mirror shatters
All I see is pieces of me scattered
Is it a miracle or is it madness?
Because when I puts it all together it reflexes this,
And this is me
About as you gonna get to insanity or genius
My real life fantasy

Is this my life or am I dreaming
I can't lie I don't believe it
I don't believe it
Is this my life

Talking fantasies, they're more twistes then memories
I never thought gotti would leave the game like D R E
Never thought shanti would ever stop reppin the team,
And the f-ck is Lloyd hooking up with the enemies
If this was 03 I would have told you,
You was crazy if you told me this is what it would be
I miss Vita Caddy Black child Charlie,
I thought we were tighter then the Marleys ... family
But I guess you can't be, in an industry there's nothing but envy,
Jealousy ... please nobody be friend me!
Nah, my real life fantasy


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