Go - Nelly et Murphy Lee et City Spud Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Go de Nelly, Murphy Lee, City Spud

Go est une chanson de Nelly, Murphy Lee, City Spud pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2012.

Les paroles de Go ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort possible que se cachent toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Oh, blow you, smoking the herb
It's so much loud in here
Got mini bottles to share
(what ya doing here?)
We're smoking, girl and we're drinking
All night, all night
We're smoking, girl and we're drinking
All night, all night
We're smoking, girl and we're drinking
All night, all night
We're smoking, girl and we're drinking
All night, all night

Shawty with a party, with the gal whole crew
Let me show you how to go hard, gonna do
Bottle after bottle, blunt after blunt
But I have a pound cush, go hard, go through!
Shots, shots to the face
All of them straight, no chase!
Everybody wanting no grace
Feel so good...
No half way, we're all the way home
No child's play, we're all the way grown
No curfew, we're all the night long
Run about the money, we're all the way wrong
Cause we got milly like philly, boss!
Wrist nigga so silly, boss!
I could show you... how it really flows
If you ain't got it, then you're really lost!

You're lame, man
You know this
I'm wasting my time!
I don't care about my bad girl
I go straight for mine!
Aha, aha, aha,
Get on your mode, set, go!


Smoking a little bit of you know what
Sipping on a little bit of freaky too
Walking in the club, nigga you know who
You see me dirty, making do it to do
Smelling like a hell damn...
Making sure the whole club know it's me
Fresh sltl like murphy lee, let me hit that weed!
Gaga love, but I got a lil lala
..a lil weed and I got, got titles
As long as I got a lot of weed for nothing
I'm going low with my freaking...
Show me the women I want for me
Always want two three for me
Make a foe, you never know
It sounds like I'm mother fucker ready to go!
Freaking moscato, out the bottle
When I'm smoking, all...
Where all the women on my resume
I'm on the east coast smoking that west!
I'm american smoking.. but i'mma drink free all damn night
And I'm hot in the plane and I don't even know
We got weed on the same flight, let's ride!


Hey yo, couple... with a baby ciroc
For lil shawty, pussy up in a coma, in a coma
Blowing cush, ..guarantee your momma should be on you
It's a little bit of freaky plus me
How are you doing? I'm city, I'm bree
You know the reason for the band..
Do you got another friend,
Well, momma, that's three, that's pride!
We're smoking, girl and we're drinking
Tell me what a fuck is you thinking?
Come on here with your lil bit of skirt up
I saw you how you're moving, do your dance, keep working
Ass shaking like you got the holly ghost
Go on another way, find that..
Blow it in the air if you show it like..

I see you momma, you're cool there
Welcome to my freak show, come work that... girl
To the top and drop in low
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Get on your mother shit, go!


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