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Paroles de Gone Insane de Ab-Soul

Gone Insane est une chanson de Ab-Soul pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 13/04/2011.

Les paroles de Gone Insane ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est probable que se dissimulent toujours des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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I feel like I am affiliated with the Illuminati
All day and all fucking light this is your lightning
I am lighting this buy all supply ....
Higher than I've ever been this ...fighting
Put your hands up as if you want...lighting
Don't shut as if you want ...
Can you? I would like to see you try that
I'll be eating rappers that's the only way I am biting up
That was yummy yummy dummy dummy funny funny
If a bitch some sip sip then I get some suck suck
Think a nigger must be lucky lucky she is such a doll
I guess that makes me Chucky
.. bitches licking my balls you ain't nothing at all
You ain't nothing at all need to remind
... is a better place I hope you all die
Think I am ... gone insane
Someone take this gun before I blow up my brain

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