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Paroles de Hallucinogen (Remix) de Meek DeMeo, Ab-Soul

Hallucinogen (Remix) est une chanson de Meek DeMeo, Ab-Soul pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis 2013.

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Struggle with myself
And out of all the people that can't handle this
I thought you were the only one that could
I'm tired of hearing how no one's tired about talkin' 'bout
How I'm so fucking tired of us, girl
But you look so familiar, girl
Coming down off a line right now...
Look at you've done, girl, to me...
Look at what you've made of me this far
Feelin' so neutral now, baby
I can't feel my face, feel my face, oh baby
It May be concerning me, girl
Can't find my heart, find my place no more
And I'm... too high right now, girl
And my mouth is so numb, baby
I'm alone...
I'm tryin'...
I'm dyin'...
I'm cryin'...
Oh no, oh no, oh no...

Should I save myself, girl?
I know you know who you are
And girl I already loved you
Way before I met you girl, so
So what's takin' so long, what's takin' so long?
I... I don't wanna give my tears away
Love's not in your heart to stay
But if you'll never be mine, how can you be so sure?
Girl what is it?
Are you scared of the fact that it's always snowin', girl?
Or is it, you can't find out why the fuck I chose you, girl?
Try hard not to think, girl, listen to what I say
Just listen to what I need, oh need...
And I'm...
And I'm so high right now, girl
And I can't feel my mind...
Oh yeah...
I'm tryin'...
I'm dyin'...
I'm cryin'...
I want to fly, and...
Oh no, oh no, oh no...

All I think about is gettin' away from this fuckin' city
Then you started to notice when my nose is always bleedin'
I'mma sniff it 'til I'm I'll and I'm a fugitive...
Somebody should've told you, I don't want to get older
Yeah, I don't wanna get older, don't wanna get older
Don't wanna... oh no, oh no
Can I fuck you girl, can I fuck you girl?
That's all I need
Can I love you girl, can you love me, girl?
Maybe it's me this time
Maybe it's me this time...
Can I fuck you girl, fuck you girl?
That's all I need
Can I love you, girl, love you girl?
Maybe it's me this time
Maybe it's me this time, girl
All this time, girl...

Ab Soul
What it feel like, nigga?
Ab-Soul, get the feel right, nigga
Cross the map, we go front to back
Q here, Moose here, Mad Max I got no fear
This warfare is nuclear
A-B like the H bomb, gettin' blow, stand clear
Yeah, better I hope to God I don't beat the odds
Beat the case, Heaven's sake
I'm high and bright like I'm Heaven's gate
The industry, trine legislate
I disapprove, I move like the head of state
Me and Meek Demeo, feed the people
Listen and get fat as steak
Wait - food for thought, my 2 cents is 200 large
Brilliant, to say the least
You just the air to a fucking beast
Read between the lines, seek and ye shall find
Like a ticket on the dash, I'm mixin' kush and hash
They say I'm out my mind, but I don't believe that
It's obvious I'm eatin', look at all this feedback
It's obvious you're sleepin', and we all need naps
We give 'em soil for blankets, toil with nature, nigga

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