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Paroles de Gone de Logic

Gone est une chanson de Logic pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le samedi 11 mai 2013.

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Yeah, ugh Yeah ugh
V's up, you already know what is Rattpack boy
Turn my headphones up just a little bit
Yeah Yeah

And all these Spanish women tryna watch me like a Novela
And even when I'm in the crib I swear they need an umbrella
Cuz I'm gettin her wetter than a letterman in the rain,
We at the club, hundreds and fifty's I'm makin it rain, sike nah,
All of y all know I'm kiddin like a rubber bro
Gettin money and bitches but really that's another note,
And all these haters can suck my dick
Cause honestly that's the only way you'll ever succeed,
Got what you need cause I sweat and I bleed,
Did it all on my own didn't beg didn't plead
Everybody talkin bout Logic gonna sell out,
Bitch I had a deal for years before it fell out
Doing shit that rappers'll never do you know I'm on it,
So why I don't stop and tellin' you what was in my contract
Make the type of music that I want... check,
Work with whoever the hell I want... check.
Keep it Visionary to the death, yep,
Cause I'm doing it for the music not just to get a check,
V's up wuddup you know I'm on point
I be chillin which ya bitch while she rollin' up a joint,
Making a killing for a living like a hitman,
Rappers hear my new records and be like aw shit man
Black card, black power, white fist,
Ain't no way in hell that a mixed brother didn't write this,
And everybody talking shit man screw it
Cause if you can do it better than me then you do it,
Where we going? really there's no tellin,
Lyrical cocaine narcotics is what I'm sellin ahhhh,
God damn got bars like a villain
And we gettin C notes like my homie Jon Bellion, yeah,
Visionary to the fullest,
We came up out the blue like a crip shootin bullets
Where I'm from muhhfucka I'm from Maryland,
G-Berg wuddup, snappin like a Terrapin, flyer than a airplen,
Shit I mean a airplane, rapping so fast I can't even get the air to my brain,
Runnin the game like a PS3, flippin the bird to anybody that BS me,
Chillin in Cali but you know we from the EST,
I got the game in my hand like a PSP,
Chillin with the homie Castro sippin' 40's
Drop an album out to the fans, cop and let the police,
Rattpack 'till I D.I.E., greatest rapper to ever do it, I gotta agree, shit,
Fuck em all, everybody appalled, flow so clutch my career never stall
Me and my team went to Vegas last week like a bunch of old men yeah we bald
I'm tryna do it like how nobody done it bitch I run it never plummet you know I'm headed to the summit
And a note to all you rappers tryna do it how I done it
It's impossible rewind the track and learn something from it I'm gone

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