Gravedigger - Thurz et Willie B et Glasses Malone Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Gravedigger de Thurz, Willie B, Glasses Malone

Gravedigger est une chanson de Thurz, Willie B, Glasses Malone pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis 2013.

Les paroles de Gravedigger ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est possible qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

Oh come on and tell a nigga what it is and what it ain't!
My name is good in the field like a fucking saint
I'm fucking paint the big picture, Donatello, Rafael
Michelangelo, you're back with the turtle shells!
I put you in the show with the rats
You do it, but I do it to the max
Truly you do it like marriage
I do it like a pamphlet,
Hard core every time I score, bitch!
I'm trying to get my blaze
Stevie G on the..
Bitch, get on my bus, and I'm driving!
Live like a police chase
Beef over chatter like.. stakes
You're looking forward them big checks, nigga no sweet stakes
Hater still feeling way about the hoes we take
Bitch about dough, show em like a leprechaun
Living like a pimp with my weapon on, sigh!

We're live! ... then what? Why shitty?
Blood on the canvas... so niggas!
...that carry your casket
Impossibility of zombies and bats songs and..
Running the world it's too real and turbulent,
You got me dashing, so I choose to ...and stay hard on your plastic!
Fake niggas that melting and heating the moment..
Make sure you hoes RIP, die for attention!
Mention my name at the top of the animal, harks eating
Light inside is a mess, foreign high for the season
A winner nigga, I'm so cold with my decay
You're tip chopping, coping balls, all you niggas..
Never trying to be broke like a twenty
Broke in my twenties, too original for twenties
So change your style up kid, I only got one
That got to many killings
And that could only be one,
Whether you're praying to the East, or...
Excuse the time, the bitch just released my balls!

Willie B, Glasses,
...come to sue me motherfucker
Huh, huh, I like this, yeah
You know how I do it, niggas
Just in case you forgot
We need that motherfucker reminder!

Rolling, rolling, rolling like a pair of dice
Nigga with a attitude, bitch I think I met right
Bitch, I think I'm most shit
Bitch, I think more drinks
Walking on the stairway to Heaven..
New nigga but I feel like the old days!
Got a bargain full of old face
Got a pocket full of old face
Blame it on the ride, cold play
Million dollar smile, blame cold gate
My kids playing on your whole face
That's cause the niggas sweet, you all play
And niggas need... OK!
Understanding that... over here
Homies are paroling, now.. over here, yeah
Porsche Panamera cause the king will fall...
Your wife... and shiny, bitch came with no clothes

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