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Paroles de Hands Up High de Chris Brown

Hands Up High est une chanson de Chris Brown pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 10/02/2011.

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Hands above, put your hands up highhh oh ay
When you rock on .. clap on ... ayyayoaii
Let's ..until it's over, bring your body closer,
One more shot and it's over ayaaayyoa
Put your hands above, put your hands up high
See you cut up in the night light
And everything about you is without ..
Oh baby yeah ... your body so you can dance with me
So we're gonna party like ...

The best about your beauty is to build for me the reason
The rest of your body is my black brown ready for recess
And I can tell you got your hair ..b*tches hate em and ..nothing
But the hair flew, I'm impressed about your body going all in
Just like a ... saying all shit, a house hold name
You're the bad ...and the love got me higher than addicts
I'll dress you in the best the money can buy
And money came by love was shit i'ma try
I'll be .. and anything you ask for, baby girl yeah I hope you get your passport.


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