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Paroles de Hard In The Kitchen de Tity Boi

Hard In The Kitchen est une chanson de Tity Boi pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis février 2011.

Les paroles de Hard In The Kitchen ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est probable qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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I go hard in the mother f-cking kitchen,
Half day, all day, nigger I'm kitchen!
Hit him with the soda maker, niggers gonna whipping.
Hit you with the shovel niggers start flipping!

I go hard in the mother f-cker kitchen sing baby's bottom....
... I'm tripping with the gut, ...right bellow my zipper,
I'm a Kama Sutra reader....
Hard on the stove, smoking like...
This work ain't bout shit, that's why I ....
..ain't about shit, that's why she's cheaper,
All we blow is strong, that's why we're weaker!
Wait up, your status will change when you wait up,
Waiting on the meal, I already put my blade up!
Nigger fall back up, already put my wake up,
Every time I lead...
Now we've kill her, messing up the make-up,
Power.. and I'm about to cook a cake.
Get her...little water,
Get her in a track, and ride her like a motor!


It's just a three watches, asshole!
One platinum, one white, one rose...
Drop a...to the rose....
Rose in the club for my rose home!
...these niggers I got blow girls,
I count money all night, I need some low dose,
Here to try, I want it easy, I need a ...
All the money I the trunk, is the...
I go hard in the mother fucking kitchen, nigger,
Got me standing at that water like I'm fishing, nigger!
Never know about me, I put a...
Drop it...i put...
Help me do it for the town and the...
..is all for you rap niggers!
And then it says...like...
And then...like hard...!


It started in the kitchen, king of whipping,
..glory, tear drop was missing!
Just like the roof is roof is rotten in that chris brown,
Two seat reduces, pealing like I skip town!
I get full of break money, neck full of black gold,
Black diamonds got the Jesus...
That's too.... I'm too... for everyone I cook I make ....
Mary Kate and Ashley, ...like the Porsche...
Look in the mirror, look in the mirror,...
Ain't make it look clearer!
I make it look easy, I rap it...
Vand dame around the brick, I make him look jeezy,
But I push the tone of .. get the name right,
Who else could fly and then land on the same flight?...


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