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Paroles de We Still In This Bitch (Remix) de B.o.B, Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Yo Gotti

We Still In This Bitch (Remix) est une chanson de B.o.B, Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Yo Gotti pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2013.

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Young Jeezy
Mike Will on the beat you know I'm killin' this shit
Just left the 'sace store you know I'm killin' this fit
Yeah we get the... bro, ain't trying to be fit
It's the remix killer, yeah I'll kill your remix

[Refrain] B.o.B
I'm in my zone I'm feeling it
Stop blowing my buzz quit killing it
So buy another round
They tried to shut us down
About an hour ago
But we still in this bitch
Turn this shit up loud
And buy another round
They tried to shut us down
About an hour ago
But we still in this bitch

[Refrain] B.o.B

Young Jeezy
I can do this shit all night
Cause I can stay up
That rolly pull your bitch on sight, that's a lay up
I blew about a 40 last night, that's a Jacob
Had her face on my Givenchy jeans, left her makeup
Nigga I been running this for bout 8 straight summers
I got mine off the stove like the...
Nigga this is my year, fuck whoever don't like it
See that 2014 outside? Yeah that's my shit
I took a trip out of town, brought a hundred things on
I seen Jeezy in the club, he had a hundred chains on
Just left the 'sace store, you know I'm killin this hit
It's the remix killer, yeah I'll kill your remix
What's up?

[Refrain] B.o.B.

They said Bobby slow the flow down
You're burning all the dro down
I tear the fucking club from the ceiling to the floor down
And I ain't talking dancing when I tell them it's a hoedown
And now she getting low down, that ass getting tore down
Cause we still in this bitch
There's a glass in my hand, I ain't spilling this shit
I hop out the fucking coupe like it really ain't shit
Man come to think about it, niggas really ain't shit
I go tough, I go stupid
And I get brawling baby, I beat that coochie
Now go and throw them legs up, let's make a movie
She asked me can she get it from the back?
Absolutely bitch, absolutely

[Refrain] B.o.B

Young Dro
Ok I'm still in this bitch, I'm killin this bitch
Lame ass ho, ain't feeling that chick
Man I'm like a big turd on the ground
And y all are like flies come get on this shit
I'm emptying gauges, hit 'em in faces
Blow a nigga body in different places
Man a nigga Young Dro still in this bitch
It's been a long time, that nigga courageous
I'm raw, period. Pussy nigga fearing it
Calm down Dro, ain't god damn hearing it
Nigga got caught well then I'm god damn clearing it up
Nigga what's up? Feeling it?
Laying in the bed, getting head by Hilary
Check my strap, check my artillery
Me and B.o.B. and DOA...
Rolling up the wrong way feelin it
Test the roaster
Burning these fuck niggas just like Sosa
And I'll fuck your bitch on the sofa
In this bitch, please close the door sir
I'm a lion boy I go rah rah
Desert E clip up in this bitch
And that thing go pow pow

[Refrain] B.o.B

Yo Gotti
Yo Gotti but I think I'm B.o.B.
Got bricks on bricks on C.O.D.
That check's on deck them cars on deck
That cocaine on delivery
I'm in my kitchen I'm cooking it
Bitch want a plane ticket, I'm booking it
CMG that muscle gang, TIP that Hustle Gang
...dick all in what's her name
Never gonna mention no buster name
Got wordplay like that Rosa gang
Make one phonecall that get a bus of caine
That Forbes list, shoulda been on it
Niggas talk beef but really don't want it
I doubt it if you batted
I pull up and jump up out it
Burn faith no mad dome
Check your wise cracking
Left the tech to see exactly
Lick the shells, try to count it
Last seen in an Audi
Turn a million for a bounty

[Refrain] B.o.B

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