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Paroles de How You Love Me de Talib Kweli

How You Love Me est une chanson de Talib Kweli pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 11 mars 2011.

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Everyday since we first met
Can't even eat a bit
I can't seem to think straight
When I think about how you love me
Everyday is like a holiday
Something like Christmas Eve
My worst day is carefree
When I think about how you love me

When are we gonna grow up
Why do I love you so much we so touched
Excited by the drama we like when it show up
The fighting don't slow up I light you like close ups
And I call you my Calamity Jane you like my fantasy
Love cause the same chemical reaction in the brain as insanity
Holidays drinking with your family passionate folks
Imagine if they had their own reality show actually no
Desires like fire quit playing or get burned
Or give it away on camera like Montana Fishburne
Our presence is a gift a gift is our present
Breakup text call her a b**** under my breath
And then the makeup sex she forgive me in a session
I know she love me she sending a mixed message though


You need a chick with some fire
I mean unless you want a wife cold as ice
Living life with the biggest debutante
Me and you we considered the upper echelon
The only one I come out my fitted for in a restaurant
You can get it huh remember I was taking your digits same night I was making the visit
Make it the mission to make you cum when we done sometimes you hate to admit it
You a little numb from the toys
And love the noise that you make when you run from the boys
And comfort your man insane how we go so crazy with it
This the asylum so we call relationships committed
You ain't a bird I ain't them others guys that get lost in the name
You the butterfly and I'm the moth to your flame
Love is dying while the mothers crying
Big brother eying me imposing their reality to Shutter Island


Our love is like a Psycho or a trilogy the drama is killing me
I'm grown but the little boy is still in me
We discuss monogamy polygamy the I's the probability
Your momma ain't feeling me it stung like a killer bee
How far from the tree do the apple fall
The things I said was it how I felt was it the alcohol or do I really hate her after all
I apologize for the statements that I made to her
First I swallowed my pride then I ate my words
I tried to pass it off acted like it was nothing
The fact is I was discovering my appetite for destruction
Everything else is bland once you tasted filet mignon
When I'm full I'm taking you home your a plate for later on
I'll eat it up or beat it up
Til your love runneth over yo I need a cup


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