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Paroles de I Got It de Ashanti, Future

I Got It est une chanson de Ashanti, Future pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 09/07/2013.

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Baby tell me if you cause I got it
I will party and rock in
He's ashamed and I drive it
Say it that I'm breaking baby
I just like to celebrate
Push it to the limit like a bitch ...
Push it to the limit, push it, push it to the limit
I've been saying how I feel it in my life right now
'cause I am so high and I can't come down
Just wake up in the morning, morning
He's feeling like he wanna push in on me
Well I'm ready, so come and get it what are you waiting for
'cause I laid it, even know wile you blow
Ooh what I can give you its almost perfect baby
I 'aint got no worries, look into me eyes
If you want it, you got it, ...
If you wake up, you got it
Turn up
Every thing you think of, come and take it
If you on it like I'm on it, then come on and we get flying
I'mma stands on top of the glob
I don't think you're ready
What these things will do?
Tell me what you're trying to do
I get every ...
I could tell 'em ...
I could tell 'em ...
Got you ...
As you feeling up high
Usually I wouldn't
Getting more that yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm feeling, I'm felling

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