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Paroles de If You Didn't Go de Kendra Morris

If You Didn't Go est une chanson de Kendra Morris pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 16 juillet 2012.

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If you didn't go away
I would have never had to say
Goodbye to the things that made me find.
You're someone who had me for all of my time.

If I had the chance to make it up to you
And if I knew it'd change all that I can't undo.
Someplace inside this foggy head I got
Float three words I never really said a lot.


Now that you're a stranger two thousand miles from here
I imagine you the blanket, my atmosphere.
Even though the girl you got is a nice one it's true. She'll never be what I have to give if I still had you.


I can't complain.
You rest somewhere in my mind, you're like my faded coffee stain.
A cassette plays back 'til tape runs out, you feed my reel and then you wear me out.
Quiet as the days are long, I looked for you, I wrote your wrong.


I bet that California don't got sunshine quiet like the Florida beach after three o' clock rain when you're on your bike.
Tip my cup to you for finding a way to the stars.
And I wanna shine for the moon and the skies that used to be ours.

[Refrain] (x2)

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