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Paroles de I'm Different (Freestyle) de Young Dro, Decatur Slim

I'm Different (Freestyle) est une chanson de Young Dro, Decatur Slim pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis avril 2013.

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I'm different, what you lookin at bitch, I'm different
Why they hoes they motherfucking whispering?
Because I'm motherfucking different

You ain't gotta turn the lights on bitch my jewelry in here
Ratchet ass hoes lookin pretty in here
All this ass just buggle in here
I'ma have miss a god damn tribbin in here

I got a crib on the bucket
She got her head in my lap, duck head
We could have a contest, single bitch that baddest
You hold her like a rabbit, give that bitch a carrot
Her friend like apari, give that bitch a parrot
I keep dope bullet stove, like I catch a madness
Y all niggas can't flow, y all niggas average
D slim work these bitches asses
If you talk to our phone and you say shit
Get up off...
Lame niggas in the boot selling ...
Just bought a new jag, reality
Pussy nigga never show up on my tellie, no
Bout to sip your whole life, fine wine
Nigga I ain't sold a nicks in 99
Better days don't hear even better times
Let a fuck nigga die so fuck that top
Fuckin like the pillow talk, me I let my cam talk
Why you were playing with a chick I had a cab on
Nigga try on going back for ...
I go hard on these niggas, ass fart
He went murk that if he took bad syrup
Lyrically I'm sellin neon nigga
Pull up on the scene, call my caller friska
Broke niggas take shots, but they never hit me
Louie vg, I'm a ...hippie
I just left for the lot with a rap key
Show you, what I, what I look like, beast
I ain't never had to put on for instagram
Sharp with the check, get instant gram
Nigga like slim, why you gotta...
Me and mind feel to workin for the million
How the rap niggas rap and they ain't funny
...might miss it when the lean start trippin
Rip I kill this shit then

Ice on bright, on red bottom nice
On iced out gaze, yea bitch I got my bis on
2 plus 1, more 3 great combo
Hoes in the bungallow, I'm pimpin that ...
Audemar watch and you photograph poppin you
Pull up at the benz ife, skrit, skrit,
Drop coupe love eat out the puss..
I'm so fly, I'm bout to bring my helicopter through
Got so much bread, hoes think I'm growing weed
Coolest system on the k, plus it's got a heater palm
...so I gotta let the beater bang
Paparazzi click, click, I'm frozen
Bitch say I'm chosen, surplus ways in my head, I let a ocean
Rollin, got so many waves to please you boy
Not into long dick but ease you boy
I used to fuck with her but I don't fuck with her no more
A bitch called me a dog, turn up

I'm different, I told you bitch, I'm different.

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