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Paroles de In Yo Life de Migos, Sean Kingston

In Yo Life est une chanson de Migos, Sean Kingston pour laquelle les paroles sont présentes depuis le 15 janvier 2014.

Les paroles de In Yo Life ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible qu'elles contiennent toujours des incompréhensions. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Can we take these boys to the south one time?

You ain't never flip the work in yo life
You ain't ever hit the curve in you life
Got the bricks in from Mace Club
Got the club full of shorty love, shorty love

He no flip no brick??
He never hit no lid,
I pull up to see that chick
For nothing that pitch
I'm leaning like kickster
I'm cooling like Kingston
My nigger he ain't never
Hit a joke 'bout five niggers in a knister
My nigger they taking the sack
They take th jewels for fucking no reason
They kicking they whipping the birdies
No trying my caesars
Hundred rash act in my shoebox
Rocking for something like 2Pac
Pull up and I got bazooka
Got rings like Slick The Ruler
Pull up in Bermuda my ice is so cooler
I'm out there, my jeweler.
My bitch can't go cuter she came with her kitty
I got her from Cuba


I'm the best plug in the city you'll find
Feeling like 50, get rich or die trying
Gimme your nick for when I'm in the bar
For when I'm arrested, baby, start crying
Jade is flowing I dunk it like rabbit
When a fight come in they standing in line
Guessing my lines, I come in the show
We go to Jamaica we fight with the niggers
No Justin Bieber you know I got haters
We kicking the flavor old rappers got favors
The way that I grind you tucking my skater
To pep with a baker, I'm drinking on maple
I lick on the cable, my roof is disabled
See you deliver I got coke on the table
My hommie, I'll get you a pound, I deliver
I ain't no plugger, I suck it in my pocket
Get my Versache, come to my hood, you playing with fire
My niggers is pumped up with dollars


Drop holes and I tell a nigger I ain't did it
I get the dope in the pan on a visit
Yo, nigger, I was moving corners
Up in the Bricks they get deported
Where you been trapping, I never seen you
Keeping the oh's, yo' brother real?
Do your research, I been moving the work
The drugs, like CCBS Pharmacies
Roll up amigo band, you pull up in her's
In life, you talkers all lie
You talk 'bout the streets,
In that jungle you gotta learn how to survive
Bitch first, but I be moving weight
Control of the dope on the interstate
Touchdown on the plow I didn't mean to say it
You living a lie, I can call the case
You flexing like papa, we spinning
I got three birds in the bottom of the engine
Pull out the rocket, he pushing, he flinching
Trapping the captain but don't got to win this


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