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Paroles de It's The Cons Fool de Consequence

It's The Cons Fool est une chanson de Consequence pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 03/02/2011.

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...just a lion heart, so that's when the conspiracy and lying starts.
...that's when the...and...starts.
You can deny your part, but you ...
And belong in an institute for the mental.
If you think you could dismiss me to the ghetto,
So we got an issue homie, that is a ...
And may never, ever, so I see you while ...
I got...letters, which you're spilling your gut,
I'm surprised...
But I'm in the cut, watching the whole board and ..interview,
Watch my ...
The next... when I'll run into the...
They'll agree to...
It's ...but not this time, next time I'ma name names
Cause I'm done playing all of these stupid kitty games killing me.. they expect me to ...down.
Just a word with my kid's sister, like I'm....
But I'm too much man, ever, ever go down town!
So you gotta be a full,

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