Loc'N - Cap 1 et Nipsey Hussle Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Loc'N de Cap 1, Nipsey Hussle

Loc'N est une chanson de Cap 1, Nipsey Hussle pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en avril 2013.

Les paroles de Loc'N ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable que se dissimulent toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

Vous pouvez écouter la chanson de Cap 1, Nipsey Hussle avec la vidéo ci-dessous.


Look, thick bad bitch she a red bone
Ride shotgun love to get head from
Told me tell her when its coming told her here it come
Then its murder in the sheets nigga red rum
Put her to sleep like a lullaby
I ain't you, I'm the other guy
Got girls on girls that's the whole Aces
Got my money up now I need more haters
Big face Rollie with the stones in it
Drop top coupe gettin' dome in it
Pulled it off the lot told em chrome kit it
Bitches lookin' at a nigga like he gon' get it
Fly nigga no parachute
Pulled up like where the roof?
Looked at her like where the roo?
Body fit in that dress like bod-a-boom

Bridge: Cap 1
Roll something, smoke something get ratchet
Bust it open look back get ratchet
In the middle of the club with the ratchet
If a nigga really want it can happen

[Refrain] Cap 1
West coast niggas straight loc'n
East coast niggas straight loc'n
Midwest niggas straight loc'n
Got a section full of bitches they postin' (x3)

Cap 1
Black shades on Ray Charles
Givanchi with the grey sharks
Shootin' money on the bitches like an AR
Told her everything covered like State Farm
Pocket on swole like a fat nigga
Anything I spend I make it back nigga
Hit her once, fell asleep, now I'm back in her
Make her run to the money like a track sprinter
Walkin' on Sunati these eight-fifty
Bitches say I'm brand new cause she can't get me
Room full of bad bitches nigga choose one
Two seater fit three had to lose some


Nipsey Hussle
Hell yeah, ballin' is a habit ugh
Niggas like us gotta have it huh?
AR 15 automatic huh?
I ducked a bad bitch too dramatic
I got money days, hoes can't play me
See me out swingin' shit thug can't phase me
Owe me money? pay me
Fame can't change me
Black locs gold Rollie like I'm still gang bangin' oh


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