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Paroles de Lose Control de Wiz Khalifa

Lose Control est une chanson issue de l'album Deal Or No Deal (piste numéro 6) de Wiz Khalifa sorti en 2009.
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Oh... Oh... Oh...
Oh... Oh... Oh...
Yeah... Yeah... It's Young Kha... (Khalifa!)
Man... Man... Man... It's Young Khalifa Man!
Man... Man... Man... TAYLOR GANG OR DIE!

I see you staring, I'm at the bar
You tired of them lames you wanna be with a star
I gotta place that you wanna go,
Don't reach out for them other guys, with me you'll lose control
Control... control... control, you'll lose control
Control... control... you'll lose control
Lose control... you'll lose control... you'll lose control
Control... control... you'll lose control

She don't know me, but I know her
I met plenty of her type before
Love a nigga with a fancy car
Live your life like a movie star
Got a thing for expensive clothing
Fuck with it if it's frozen
You got it all
And worry 'bout a thing, no not at all
The music was on, had that sour smoke in the air
Her nigga was jockin, I told her 'come over here'
To my section, he make sure the runway is clear
Then we take off, leave the extra baggage girl so we can float on


I'm vibing, you vibing
I roll while you driving
You tired of them lames,
Saying your recline never change
Now you out flying with the planes
So what if they're watching us?
I hope that they're watching us
They could see what I see
Girl what you do to me
Now don't try to talk to us
But No there's no stopping us
It's hard to unlock you?
The ho's that you got, on... on... on me

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