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Paroles de Studio Lovin' de Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa vous propose d'écouter Studio Lovin', la chanson issue de son album Deal Or No Deal.
Les paroles ont été ajoutées le 03 mai 2012.

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Girl let me take you to my studio
Give you everything you want and need
Lay you flat like a piano
If you let me stroke your keys
You going be saying things you never said
Matter fact you going be playing melodies you never played
We ain't in no bed,
We in the lab
And I'm reclining in my seat
You can just climb on top of me and ride me like this beat
You say you need this (loving)
Well imma grab your waste line,
And if you like it deep,
I could hit you with that baseline
I ain't tryin to waste time
For me and your sake
Plus I'm payin for this session
I need more than one take
I make the boards shake like how I'm suppose to
I'll have you sounding good
Lil ma, I got them pro tunes
Now you in the mood
I got you doing this and tryin that
Beating in your drum
While I'm playing with your high hat
You like that
Soo you don't want to, I just make you do it
Got you in love, cuz when we fuck its like we making music, go n' lose it

I don't want to be unusual
But there's a lot of things that I can see me doing to you.
Up in my studio oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, ohhhh yeeaaa.
You say you probably work tomorrow, you can make it though,
And even thought there's probably other places we can go,
We in my studio, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, ohhhh yeeaaa

And no, it ain't gonn stop
I keep this song on replay
Puttin all them scratches on my back
I'm like go DJ
Be my guitar
I'll pluck your g-string
Pull it to the side
Imma make them vocals drop
I'm gripin on your thighs
We tangled like some cables
From the front look in your eyes
Then I turn you like some Pables
No you fiendin for this (loving)
That's what you gonn get
And I can't sing,but I see you
And know I'm gonn hit, yeaa
Lets do the verses now
Worry about the beat later
Heard you be going off that head
You don't need paper
Play you an e-major, a-minor
Girl your rhythm straight
And I say you got great timing
Feel your heart rate climbing
Like when my speakers quake
More than a quavery straight
You got that 8-o-a
You say you can't
But I do something that just make you do it
Me and you don't fuck
We make music, yeaa

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