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Paroles de Love and War de Rita Ora, J. Cole

Rita Ora, J. Cole vous proposent Love and War, la chanson de son album Ora.
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Rita Ora
There's something bout you I can't explain
You give me love and take it away
I see you like this game that we play-ay-ay-ay
And yo this fighting shit is getting too old
And you're gon find yourself left out in the cold
It's time to straighten up or you can move on on on on yeah

[Refrain] Rita Ora et J Cole
(Yea, it's something crazy 'bout the way we love to hate each other)
I don't wanna fight anymore
(Everyday we fighting like the navy, baby maybe we can save each other)
I don't wanna fight anymore
You go off, I go off and you mad of off nothing
I don't wanna fight anymore
Can't we just make love, and not war.

Baby there's something about you
You go that good shit I don't wanna give up
It's too good to give it away-ay-ay-ay-ay
Yeah I'm feeling we're just coming too close
Who's wrong or right this is outta control
I'm not perfect but I'm tired of this bullshit
Lets move on


J Cole
White flag, ah-ahaaa-ahaah
White flag, ah-ahaaa-ahaah
I'm waving a white flag ah-ahaaa-ahaah
White flag

Rita Ora
Anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore boy
I don't wanna fight anymore
Anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore boy
I don't wanna fight anymore

[Refrain] (x2)

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