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Paroles de Winter Schemes de J. Cole, Wale

Winter Schemes est une chanson de J. Cole, Wale pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le jeudi 11 juillet 2013.

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J Cole
Winter schemes for my summer dreams
Winning scenes to become routine, this my thing
Underdog never under y all
I touch down in your city like a hundred yard dash
Never pawn at all, last thing I need is ...
My bad is just graduated from George Town
Grad school cause a nigga like him growing up
I'm seeing rappers in the gym trying tone up
I'm seeing rappers on the road no one showing up
I feel partially the blame let me own up
I'm sorry, brand new Ferrari
Really though I'm just fronting
I really don't mind discussing
That Bugatti and Beyoncé video was just for stunning
Scared to mass the gas cause if I fucked around and crashed
That would've been my ass, that whip his bottom million cash, million cash
And dog I just got rich
How you gonna take a million from me dog I just got this
Came along way from the weak ass advance
Was in the Honda on the L-I-E pass in fans
Wasn't about the money then cause he had the chance
Built it from the ground up, no hit singles
Just a lot of fucking gifts nigga no Kris Kringle
Cole. I'm the reason that your old bitch single
Gave her dick made the ho shit tingle, you won't feel me
Born Sinner doubted this diamond chain gone heal me
Lord let me kill the game, and pray the game don't kill me
Multi before I die bitch believe that
These rappers rich as fuck but don't know where they seeds at
This is shame niggas lame this is fame for ya
I gotta be the only one that didn't change for ya
I saw you sortin' through trash and brought change for ya
Open up they lane, do I gotta say names for ya
And I ain't even flexing
Plotting on the Warm Up 2 I'm just stretching
4th quarter so much too but fuck stressing
I just step into the ring and do my motherfucker thing
My motherfucker thing
4th quarter so much too but fuck stressing
I just step into the ring and do my motherfucker thing

Spring greening, but I'm winter frigid
And with this summer album got me booking all them bitches
To the ... with bitches, my parking garage official
Boy, I play with foreigns and I feel just like Quwan Leonard...
God given talent, momma gave me passion
Got me a Rihanna feature, y all should see my demographic
Obvious.., dap me up, rapper niggas done got me fucked
Half these niggas is carbon-copy
Fatin'.. a nigga would be redundant, right.
I'm just tryna shed a bunch of light
In a country where niggas follow models and hype
You know trends and that shit
Niggas wearin' ... ... in a 110
Just a classic ass nigga, rappin circles around these squares, out of shape but I ain't chubbin'
Shoe game prolific, this ... blowin' chicken .. ..
....................... go Google the difference, as I
Maneuver the industry ..........., I ride
With shooters, but you think trying to get .. out of Disney.., I'm high
I'm trippin, I'm fried, forgive me, ... ..., whip me
A cold world if I ain't slide by ya chimney, we gifted
Tryna distribute what Allah has give me, listen
But some of the bars are synagogues to a godless opinion, dig it
... ....., man these lames ..........
New slaves we were
We was shutdown, we was not proud of those days.. we stood
Til I bust out, then bust down that chain, we could
New black soul, new black soul, new black soul
.............. but I'm the new Satchmo
... ... a tutu with a 2Pac flow
You niggas think too slow
You Pikachu, but I'm Picasso

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