Make You Somebody - Sterling Simms et 2 Chainz et Tyga et Travis Porter Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Make You Somebody de Sterling Simms, 2 Chainz, Tyga, Travis Porter

Make You Somebody est une chanson de Sterling Simms, 2 Chainz, Tyga, Travis Porter pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le samedi 06 octobre 2012.

Les paroles de Make You Somebody ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est fort probable que se dissimulent encore des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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I said wassup get it in, you gonn work out your body
I'ma throw out these tips, i'ma make you somebody
Let me call you my bitch, bitch,
Let me call you my bitch, bitch
Can I call you my bitch, bitch,
Yeah, yeah, yeah

You know when it's us, you can smell the great touch
In the air, air, air
Got a fistful of twenties, don't be a dummy girl
Bring that over here, yeah, yeah
Said don't better acting bujy you better like you a buff
And no I'm not your groupie you're tryina fall in love
Take a couple shots girl get bad
Turn around let me see your body bend
I'ma touch you up on your neck
Tonight I'm gonna make you somebody, yeah
Tonight I'm gonna make you somebody, yeah baby


Shawty wanna be famous, ass so big put her on my a list
And I land her, like acres, she next to me like a neighbor
I started down with her ankles, I moved up to her naval
My next move is fatal, one leg on the bed, other on the table
It's going down like escalate, ben franklin and the 20 separate
Trying to get her butt naked, fuck y all no country ...
Something he ain't never even saw like that, ball like that
Fuck the girl, if the pussy good, we at the mall like this
Got a whole lot of hunneds and thousands in my pocket right now, right now
Can I make you an offer, how much it's gonna cost
Just to take you down?
I got it, you know, let me cash you out here hold this
Speak game so tight, think I wrote this
Baby let's move forward, get focused
Don't tell your mama that you fucking with a baller
Already got all this gold shit
On, tryina be low key, got your favorite rap bitch
Tryina blow me
Rollie, rolex, relax and she just gave me head
Leaned over in the front seat
Dark tint so don't see, get it all slowly
Highs and ...


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