Rollin Smokin Drinkin - Travis Porter et Juicy J Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Rollin Smokin Drinkin de Travis Porter, Juicy J

Rollin Smokin Drinkin est une chanson de Travis Porter, Juicy J pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 25/10/2011.

Les paroles de Rollin Smokin Drinkin ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est possible qu'elles contiennent toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

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Man, I've been rollin, smokin, drinkin,
Rollin, smokin, drinkin,
Man, I've been rollin, smokin, drinkin,
Rollin, smokin, drinkin,
And I've been rollin, smokin, drinkin,
And I've been roll, roll, rolling

I'm rollin, smokin, drinkin
Hey, ho, yow, no I flirt!
I'mma fuck it good
You punk ain't gonna work
Be careful in my hood
This is ain't Atlanta, perk!
Didn't win the..
They got all types of...
Me and I .. so my .. hurt.
Og told me...
Free me nigger.. grand daddy...
We'd e getting money,
Say hit me on my turf!
Meet me in the dirt
Be the...
Fuck it, gimmie, the whole...
I'mma go blizzard
Meet me at the hotel, get you out that skirt
Roll my wonder, hp I roll it, bitch!


Party, jumping in the vip
Yes, sir!
Whores can't keep their hands out of me
..white widow
Couple of vikings and a few... in the back.
Fill me up with bees, I'm trying to see the...
Yes, sir!
.. I'm trying to get.. trying to get a chick naked
Which one of you whores gonna go?


Man, I'm smoking on the...
They call it out, we're...
They got it cloudy, call me country,
Ask 'em how they're getting...
And daddy purple got me giggle...
I move slow as a turtle in the midnight
And it got me a ... we don't want those...
I'mma hurting, i'mma get hurting
..yeah, that's my plan!
She say her name was Candace,
She had no...
I told her I was twenty
And can get a little mannish.
And the other name was...
She from Houston, working on it
She say she's going to school
Just to be a...
So her oral sex the best
Yeah, I hear the best
Call her super.. she need a...


Man, I passed out last night
Woke up ...
Room service bringing me towels
While I eat breakfast in bed
I lean overcome my breath
Check my time, how far to bed
Told that bitch is time to go, cause all that laying...
I'm still fucked up,
Don't wanna get up
Room I fucked up
Don't wanna clean up!
.. and we gonna party, party, party
We ain't never sober!


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