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Paroles de Maybe You're Right de Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus vous propose d'écouter Maybe You're Right, la chanson de son album Bangerz.
Les paroles sont présentes depuis octobre 2013.

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Chapter one we started happy
The second that you said you loved me
Started questioning us, are we really in love
Trying to figure out chapter three,
But you're not giving me anything
If this is what we are, then I gotta move on
You think this is everything
But this is no book of us

You might think I'm crazy
That I'm lost and foolish
Leaving you behind
Maybe you're right
You might think I'm crazy
That I'm lost and foolish leaving you behind
Maybe you're right
Maybe you're right

Here comes the part of you and me
Arguing about nothing
You told me it's as good as it gets
Yeah I'm real emotional,
Blame it on your mental jokes
How much did you think that I could take
So much for taking this too far
You can't blame me for who I am
It's too late for us to try to be in love right now


Felt the pages now, this chapter's done
Moving on up and forward onto all that will become
If you ever get to the place where the sun is shining every day
Then I'll be on your mind


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