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Paroles de Me, Myself, My Money de Iggy Azalea

Me, Myself, My Money est une chanson de Iggy Azalea pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis août 2012.

Les paroles de Me, Myself, My Money ont fait l'objet d'une relecture, cependant, il est possible que se dissimulent toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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[Refrain] (x2)
They'd buy my shit if they could
Damn I make it look good
I'm bound to paper like wood
Oh you hating yeah, you should
Cause it's just me, myself, my money
Me, myself, my money
Me, myself, my money
Me, myself, my money

These moreschi's killing my feet
Versace shades 'cause I'm feeling low key
Case of ace 'cause the homies with me
No id they know me
Itg that's how you sound
Chic luzana I ain't camera
Might put diamonds on my mclaren
Like damn that wife is priced
My son is signed', yeah fuck you payin'
They pay me more 'cause I get shit you one hundred six four
Six oh oh don't send that dough
Wash mc's stay willin' on sheets
Crack rock flow bitch cook that dough
Put it in the streets say took that dough
I cook that dough, throw it to the ceiling
It fell on the floor, Iggy you killin' I already know
Can't tell me nothing if you already broke I'm already on
Aiming for the stars I'm already gone
Gotta have dinner with a man on the moon
Married to the shit and the money's my groom
I'm swirving that shit, I ain't grabbing that broom


All wins no losses, life for the boss bitch
All I need is an office, I'm turning shit off
All I need is a coffin,
Ridin' circles while they weez in the coffin
Let the bullshit walk, let my money do the talking
Put up runner walk 'cause there's my target
Roll day driving yeah that's my target
Pull up, park it no keys shit
Push it start it, trim cocktails
His name is Marcus, haters salty
Nothing cash, I came with ben and Andrew
We might just 'cause a scandal,
Find out that we menage our Nicky's handle
Yeah that's my ammo, I'm on fire
Just lit the candle, head in sky
Bitch I'm the shit, you should think so too
G shit,just gimme my money, ammo why take money over you


It's just me, myself, my money
In the land of the milk and honey
I came with some playboy bunnies
And have to see this coming
This shit right here by dollars
To stun on whole's my honor
This bitch must be in hell
If the devil wears Prada
Keep it real they don't want nada
Getting cheese like enchiladas
You ain't talking 'bout that money what the fuck you sayin'
I'm cashing out what the fuck you playing,playing,playing
You ain't talking 'bout that money what the fuck you sayin'

[Refrain] (x2)

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