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Paroles de My Love Is Like A Star de Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato vous propose les paroles de My Love Is Like A Star, le single issue de son album Unbroken.
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The space in between us
Starts to feel like the world's apart
Like I'm going crazy
And you say it's raining in your heart
You're telling me nobody's there
To try and fly
Oh but that's just crazy
'cause baby I told ya I'm here for good

My love's like a star, yeah
You can't always see me
But you know that I'm always there
When you still unshining
Take it as mine
And remember I'm always near
If you see a comet
Baby I'm on it
Making my way back home
Just follow the glow yeah
It won't be long
Just know that you're not alone

I tried to build the walls
To keep you safe when I'm not around
But as soon as I'm away from you
You say they come tumbling down
But it's not about the time
That we don't get to spend together
It's about how strong our love is
When I'm gone and it feels like forever


You say that time away makes your heart grow out
But I can stay just to prove you wrong
Oh look at how far we've come
Don't you know
Don't know that you're the one


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