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Paroles de Nobodys Safe de Juelz Santana

Nobodys Safe est une chanson de Juelz Santana pour laquelle les paroles sont ici depuis le 21/01/2013.

Les paroles de Nobodys Safe ont été relues et mises en page autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible qu'il y ait toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Ain't nobody safe
Ain't nobody safe
Ain't nobody safe
Ain't nobody safe

Tell everybody ain't nobody safe
Get to banging at his body till the shotty' break
Bitch I'm the shit, that's what they'll probably say
Back to killing niggas the john gotti way
Everybody dead, put me on a warning poster
Chopper got me feeling like I'm on a roller coaster
Big body bentley, big booty bitch, I'm so used to this
I smelled so much coke aroma I done got used to it
Murder rate, we the ones boosting it
Murder rate, we the ones boosting it
Take money, we don't wait to get it
School of hard knocks, soft niggas gotta pay tuition
Everyday stunting, boy that's how I'm living
Smoking dope, counting money, fucking bitches
Court side at the knick game faded
And the way I ball for real I feel like I should be playing

Back to killing niggas
Ain't nobody safe
Fucking all they bitches
Ain't nobody safe
Still gang affiliated
Ain't nobody safe
Mask on my face
Ain't nobody safe

Step up in the club, light show
Next thing you know, you looking round like where'd your wife go
She with us but only for the night though
I say she with us but only for the night though
All the real niggas over here bitch
So who the fuck you over there with?
Y all niggas know once we go to work
Kill a nigga, then go to church
Living life fast, I'm counting my blessings
Cause when you getting paid, you gotta pay attention
Talk like a boss, move like a king
Five karats on the pinky, make them niggas kiss the rings
Bling, plow all in your face nigga
And i'mma make sure murder be the case nigga
Cause I know you be singing songs, no trey nigga
Your girl wanna play so i'mma play with her


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