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Paroles de Off With His Head de Waka Flocka Flame, Bloody Jay, Wooh Da Kid

Off With His Head est une chanson de Waka Flocka Flame, Bloody Jay, Wooh Da Kid pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le vendredi 10 mai 2013.

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If I front his ass a pack, and he run off with the work
I'ma send the youngins at him, he gonn get his ass mugged
Off with his head, off with his head
Heard he talking shit about me, when I see him we gonn bust
We don't do no fuckin talking, in the squad I'ma trust
Off with his head, off with his head

Shoot in the club like I'm sean, beat a nigga ass like I'm alley
Nigga won't la me, how the fuck this world gonn see me
What the fuck this world coming to
One deep scrap with my boo
No hesitation she gonn shoot, red bottom her shoes
Celine on her back, zipper on my bag
Shoot first, put it on my fact
I don't ... pyru...i'm gonn shoot


Ballin on your head, we will, uh, I mean
Talk to him, off with his head, whole lot of blood
Get shed, blood, ice in his reck
Pressure bloods pipes, tell a nigga gets scared
I don't fear niggas, feds
Matter fact, fuck the feds
Round ricko, body time in the nino
Matter fact you are uno,
Beef or you get it does...
Quick to let that hammer go, where the ammo go
In about to more, free wow
Been the type, 3 word, super soaked, red shirt
Waka with me, red shirts, dick be like the red socks
I will leave that one shot, bang, headshot


My strap cold, rain man, we ball that shit hammer time
We bumming up on the referee, ps amo we feelin fine
Of with your h.e.a.d. you fuck nigga
My young nigga just 5 2, so no need to duck nigga
Bought a pistol, you brink it
Woo da kid my name, bitch
What the fuck is you thinking
Oun street where I bang bitch...
Swearing on Christ and I put it on my life
At the same time fuck 9 hoes
My young boy got young boys
Don't fuck around or die young boy
My young nigga he 16, he walk around with that gun nigga
If I front your pack better bring it back
Off with your head can't get it back
Hit it then click, then you hear a crack
Off with your brain like one sap!


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