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Paroles de Seen A Lot de Waka Flocka Flame, Wooh Da Kid

Seen A Lot est une chanson de Waka Flocka Flame, Wooh Da Kid pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 10/05/2013.

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I done seen a lot, of these cars and these cribs
And I done sold a lot of this white teds mean
But now the block is hot, what it is, what it is
I know the feds watching, so I'm stickin to the script
I seen it, I seen it, I seen it, I seen it
I saw it, I sold it, I sold it, I sold it, they bought it
I seen it, I seen it, I seen it, I seen it
I saw it, I sold it, I sold it, I sold it, they bought it

Need the ... shawty you ain't my type
Popping pills catching planes, all night
Fuck round loose your life
Man that chick said you ain't bout that life
Your main bitch I done fucked her twice
You're whoopin, you're not really right
In the club, busting bottles, bigger flexin, I
I be working like a motherfucker
I be going hard off in this motherfucker
Bsm boy, don't test em
Murk a nigg on sight, put it on slim
Waka flocka I'm a rich nigga
Bought a million off in cars, gone off 2 cars
That molly's got me fucked up
Suicied you tries niggas, eyes low


I done seen it all, from the mid to the yay
Talking to the robbers, cause them boys don't play
All 38 and a russian ak
Colorblind the haters, all I see is black and grey
Now the block hot, gotta catch em when they cool out
Only thing I'm saying when you see me
Have your tool out
Word about this ba, keep it on go
Hit me when you touch down, we'll just call it to
I done seen it all from the fake to the real
Niggas sell they soul just to get a record deal
Just to go gold they would give they right hand
Sacrifice they mama, bring the drama to they man


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