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Paroles de Oh Yeah de Plies, Chris Brown

Oh Yeah est une chanson de Plies, Chris Brown pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en 2011.

Les paroles de Oh Yeah ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est fort probable qu'elles contiennent encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.

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[Refrain] Chris Brown
I'll be pulling it down in a minute
How long will it take before you screamin' my name
Oh baby you should rip off my clothes and get naked
I'll be like Oh yea
You'll be like Oh Yea
Hot enough up in here
Makin' her sweat
Your little pedicure up on my chest
And we goin' sweat sweat sweat
I'll be like Oh Yea
You'll be like Oh yea
Makin' her sweat

What's my biggest turn on in a women?
One that's flexible
I'm talkin' her limbs not her schedule
If you ain't it's still cool
Baby I can work witcha
I been doin' it a long time
Bring out the best in ya
Bring it to yo front door drop off like a messenger
Jewelry is real long I go hard like a Mexican
First two pumps shawty that's what's after president
Kiss you on yo bo jay jay
Rage ya out ya element
Last one I ran crazy
She got on that peppermint
She was out the hood though but mo' with an accent
Shawty show stuff never seen
Hit her with the backspin
She say that I'm X rated
I say that I'm confident
Seen her with her boots on make me want it right there
I know she got that repeat she turn me on ?
She told me boy you know what good and I replied Amen
Late night plus liquor she know it equals long and we gone

[Refrain] Chris Brown

I done got off the high speed
I like it when it's slow
I be wanting the lights on she be wantin' them off
She be trying to hold it in
But I be wanting talk
She be hollin' put it on
I be hollin' nope
Them to t's on
I'm talikng red velvet soft
Interior rear did ducking high moss
I always tell her "baby act like I gotta go to court"
Act like this the last time I'm walkin' through yo doo'
I be like super hyped
She don't even know
She be wantin' to go to sleep but I don't even wanna go
I be on the couch ?
I'm actin like a Don King hollerin' round 4

[Refrain] Chris Brown

Ain't even goin lie to ya I text her everyday
I'm a tell you how I talk to her everything "bay"
She asked me if I'm coming over I say "yea bay"
She ask me if I'm hungry I tell her "yea bay"
She ask me do I want it I said "hell yea bay! "
Even when I'm mad at her she still my little bay
I just sent her text told her bay I'm on my way
She ask me what we finna do I said "give to to bay"

[Refrain] Chris Brown

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