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Paroles de Open Letter (Freestyle) de Pitbull

Open Letter (Freestyle) est une chanson de Pitbull pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mardi 16 avril 2013.

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Mr. Worldwide

First letter of Cuba
Is an open letter
So you know I had to do this to all
Let's start like this!

Born in Miami, right on time
Scar face el mariel Cube and crime
Admit it if you want to,
Truth is the truth, lie if you want to
Politics yeah that's politic
Let's not act like cap of our family and flip bricks
We made Miami something from nothing
Let's not forget that we came from nothing
Los judios del Caribe, ahora estan joven en el Caribe
Blood is blood, don'y act like we inamic
Helly young got snatch back the whole world seen it,
Rush and miss so craze, had America stating on, nuclear ice
Bare your pigs big bluff,
We thought they had our bag, but they left us straight stuck
I ain't here to hold the grush,
I love the freedom that's been given to us
Uh, now break down us,
Get it you ass that's right, God bless,
It's the freedom that we ride for,
It's the freedom that we die for,
See you RA, hope to see you free one day.
It's the freedom that we ran for
It's the freedom that we die for,
See you RA, hope to see you free one day.

How will I see ya, Sierra maestra
With my mother and Pedro Pan
And Cuba hit the .. lie all to me,
Mean get your family search for freedom and run
Havana made the Vegas, ask my..
As if you know his..
Head manos a rescate, brothers to the rescue,
Don't agree with the chain Castro talk,
But it's hard to understand unless they educate you
Politicians love to hate you,
But then they run away when it's time to debate you
Question of the night, we day..with Mr Carter, if he was white
Mhm, round with treasury, one way another in Cuba is where they'll bury me
Happy 50 anniversary!
JNB, don't worry, it's all me.
It's the freedom that we ride for
It's the freedom that we die for
See you RA, hope to see you free one day
It's the freedom that we riding for
It's the freedom that we die,
See you RA, hope to see free one day

Y para todo el mundo en Cuba
Con la ayuda de Dios
Nos vemos pronto

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