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Paroles de Outlaw de 50 Cent

Outlaw est une chanson de 50 Cent pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mardi 02 août 2011.

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Outlaw, we lawless
We ballin out nigga regardless
Everything VVS we flawless
When I stunt, I stunt on niggas the hardest

If niggas so hot, why they ain't got what I got
My Maybach, my watch, my Hublot
My fat knots, my swag is top notch
My crack spots bring in cash in non stop
My nigga Rock just came home from comstock
I got shooters they ain't got what I got
Got shit locked, I stunt non stop
I get it and I blow it how I want, why not
My bitch cold, I mean hot, sure shot
Come through in the drop, hold the glock why not
9 millimeter, 9 shots, big rock
9 carat stones, I'm in my own zone

Outlaw yea yea we lawless
We ballin out yea regardless
VVS yea yea we flawless
You do what you gotta do, we do what we wanna do

You wanna get shot, go ahead run up on my spot
My lawyers will have me out by 1 o'clock
Go ahead get dropped tryna get what I got
My diamonds twinkle over my izod
My gun pop, tell me why would you try that
Porsche turbo, cayenne, I'll buy that
G5 jet, pilot, I fly that
Burn good shit, get as high as I get
My minds sick, I'm criminal minded
Shorty ass fat, I wanna bump and grind that
Groupie love bitch, your left breast I'll sign that
I'm CEO, Hoe you ain't know?


New york party of the year, my spot
These bitches look so good, oh my god
Looking at the man in the mirror I'm so hot
Shorty wanna cut, cool make sure the door lock
Off with the Gucci, down go my Louis
Out come my uuwee, do me, baby do me
Like pornstar took ya to my spot
My bed rock back and forth when I'm on top
My backshots they are sorta like crack rocks
I give it all I got, nonstop till sweat drop
I damage I wreck shop, I come thru correct i,
I give her what she need, till its hard to breathe


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