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Paroles de Paid Dues (The Reunion) de Beedie, Mac Miller

Paid Dues (The Reunion) est une chanson de Beedie, Mac Miller pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées en 2012.

Les paroles de Paid Dues (The Reunion) ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort probable qu'il y ait toujours des fautes de frappe. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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The I'll spoken
2008 shit
Aha, you gotta take it back
Be dub in this mack
Life changes all days how it all used to be
The..and dreams around jewelry
The class can't learn till I stood and teach
I gave her lectures all the stupid speech
Back in the days that I'll spoken ride an atv
Performing on tv that ..rpp,
And was 4 years ago and team like so long,
In the attic smoking come and ..for dope arms
Never knew I'd be a star back then
I wish I try to get money for car back then
I just wanna to record back then
Then I had a lot to do we was bored back then
All them days it was..loud selling tickets getting shows
We was tryin to tell the world we was an extra blow
Even beef with some dudes up in Canada
Had little battles spin a bars in the camera
You stade up late make the mixtapes
That we gave out tryin to get the name out,
Doing shows no one knew us, they would boo us
Knew that when we grew up they'll be asking for a verse
I'm blowing back dutches, but still got love from my dudes on rap molly
Man I ground it was tough, we wasn't getting far,
Still roll up the shows and more cars
And more people and attend this
Closer to people that were people we was friend with
The best ship but got expensive when we couldn't sell tickets
Wasn't doing much but tryin to be the illest
Ex cribs smoking weed and raps,
Grinding hard 'cause we music that we believe in that
We had some differences yes, but for real we've been blessed
Do the homie man I wish you the best

Paid dues, we gonna make ya'll feel this
Kiss lips and spit the real,
I remember way way back in the days,
Every aspect is vivid the I'll spoken
Paid dues, we gonna make ya'll feel this
Kiss lips and spit the real
Drop flow that is half for sure
Is I'll spoken, I never thought that we will make it up this far

Life a time that we recharge fresh up the weed jar,
We're whipping like the sea..but free is as we drop the song,
Got me thinking bout them days that we're talking on
Stayin the palalade till we passing out,
Tryin to face the age and we cast it loud
And my mom house point breeze no south
Circle room smoky ya'll you're black back Porsche
That was still the high school, well I was at the day jar
After when we linger torch, track it to the stage jar
Most of can't say in tow face and I wanna face all
Stories like a so, boy till your face off
I'm from a fantasy you're getting on
We at the town when we drive like we just can't go wrong
Came from ghetto first video from any..
Quality was really wrong, but two kids was really hard
Where, we made the catch it like we block them risk
Nowadays we could miss me like the car is missed
Dreams turn the business, business turn the paper
Turn the page at the Brooklyn, watch us turn this a major
Now is turning label, even if they try label us
What the change of game, call it labels up
And we was now eat probably,
Got..enough this for the quality
For freestyle we knee to watching you on tv
Study and high b you my man, seen my real up and down the star
Second hand give me unique respect of on it
And when you sign,
Make me realize the shit was real and I ain't lost it
No bridge that I ain't crossing
And with some canes I'm on..corns
To the ..of gone we're I'll spoken


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