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Paroles de These Dayz (Dope Awprah) de Mac Miller

These Dayz (Dope Awprah) est une chanson de Mac Miller pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le mercredi 17 octobre 2012.

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Light the way, was it your stay
You got the right to leave
Is who I like to be,
You say I may be loosing sight of things
And I might agree, but we're living in a digital world
Told me that you wasn't a material girl
And I realized, those don't exist
Freedom of the mind, that's the only list

And they told me no but I did it
Ain't got shit for these bitches
Living life with no limits
Days becoming so different
Get money, fuck hoes,
When you're eating, your stomach grows
Who's that, love to know, it's ... here, doesn't show
Making music just because I love to
If you hating on me, say I'm fuck you
And it's simple but it means a lot
This is what I do, I don't need to talk

Yeh, I try to do a lot of things, couldn't focus on everything
I think I'm really good at many things
The phone's calling, that's the devil ring
I'm not gonna answer that phone,
I'm already took the road back home
Been on this road for so long,
And all I do is sit and make sad songs
What the fuck happened to that nice kid
That you knew when he released that mixtape called...
And everybody thought that he would be so big
Until he lost focus cause he got so sick
With all the bullshit that they always do
Tell you what you gotta do, everybody's watching you
And you just wanna scream in opera,
I think I need to see a doctor
I keep on moving, keep on moving
I got something to say, I'm not finished...
This my motherfucking time, and i'ma do this shit
Cause I was meant to do this motherfucking shit
The funny thing, the funny thing is
This song isn't just a song, because I've dreamed on this song
And passed days and I woke up, and it was the future
It's funny when the future is things that you dream
Because you never understand what they mean at that time
But then in the forward of motion, of seconds and minutes and hours
You finally realize that they were all secret messages
From people you don't know but you might have seen
In a past life or a life in the future
Or whatever the fuck this whole thing means
That you just will never figure out, so stop trying.

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