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Paroles de Pour It Up de Kidz In The Hall, Bun B, David Banner

Pour It Up est une chanson de Kidz In The Hall, Bun B, David Banner pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le jeudi 06 octobre 2011.

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Uh, yeah!
We let the bottles pop,
Feels like we just wanna... at the all-star game!
Full impact! yeah, yeah!
I think I'm ... I'm...
..so we're going... round
Yeah, I'm think I'm...
Miami Lenin, Miami women
Even when the heat is losing, we're Miami women
Man, I'm a killer, hell, make a living
Abc, take 'em to the bang Michael...
Think I'm avenue man at the...
Listen to this money talk never.. when I walk!
Is there...
Berry me in Ralph Lauren....
You're the butt head, pimp from the...
You ain't wanna pimp, where you came from?
We gonna drift that Malibu 'till you..

Keep your money in the bag, everything is on me
See, we gonna get drunk, pour it up...
Yeah, we can get drunk, pour it up...
If we got enough time, we gonna smoke for... yeah!

...feed of ...
I'm on the.. other chicks trade their...
It's best to move around, if you ain't here with me
..because that's... no concern
I think I'm .. on my money and... try to earn
The world move in cycles, everybody get a turn
It's like your baby momma in your face, face burn!
Stop tripping, tripping, get back on my...
...we be.. tripping
Kinda liking...
We got...
Spitting so much game I gotta...
That's how we it is
That's what you do, you don't...
That's cool!


I don't have no promises
Me I love... body hell crucial,
But I hope we don't have no complex.
We're running s sown the.. no id and I get...
...mc, look at me!
Hell, yeah I pump like...
On a... I got stopped by some cops.
If this girl you can't...
I was looped in this fiasco, so this is what I did!
I pull my gun like some snipers
Gave 'em high style, twist their...
And that brat I as with, that.. no doubt
But I call long distance, got me all...


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