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Paroles de Prime Time de Boaz

Prime Time est une chanson de Boaz pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 02/10/2012.

Les paroles de Prime Time ont été corrigées, cependant, il est probable qu'elles contiennent encore des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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Bases loaded, motherfuckers
Ya ready?

Going hard like Raffersburg in the 4th
But this the plus score, the last man standing is the gladiator
I'm eatin' rappers alive, I'm a decapitator
Light, cameras, you ready for some action playa?
I got my hands up, gunning for the end zone
Clothe and movie scripts, album sales, ringtones
This money ain't a thing homes
Well at least to me it ain't
My block work is clockwork
I don't wanna see the pain
All I wanna see is fwanks
Grants and Jacksons, niggas mad as the status
Enormous cash we're stackin'
Well let me take you back there
To them hoes on my side, hand me now clothes on my back
Of course I got close to the block
Now I can't fold up my knot
Just throw a band on 'cause he brought a stove, getting high
I throw them pants on it, you know I'm whippin'
No killers credentials, just might catching new tinsels
Niggas knew I had potential when I
Had turned to double up into a quadruplet
My hustler niggas understand me
I turned to double up into a quadruplet
Now they chain down the ranks silly to watch stupid
The house bigger, the grass greener, the car ruthless
They say that recession here but we gon ball through this
A heart of a winner and the blood of a champion
Got the stretch to put my team on my back and carry on
Sippin' that perignon, lightin' that marijuana
Stylin' also called, releasin' rapper dons
Murder every track I'm on
I'm done rapping to 'em

They try to slow me down, put obstacles in the way
I ain't worried about the cops, just the shit that these niggas say
I'm ready to start talkin' before you done did a day
I sent the white up north, tell a couple spit in the tray
Die slow, salute to my niggas who stood tall
Dreaming of foreign cars and cancels with bigger walls
I'm for some liquor for my niggas locked, my niggas gone
When we reunite at the pearly gates, then it's on
Ain't nothing changed boy, I get 'em in, get 'em gone
I bleed the block, check the bottom of my loubrettons
This lil niggas couldn't walk in my shoes
These haters everywhere, think they blockin' my views
Feds in up on mark, out here watchin' my moves
Gotta move smart, hear me (it's real)
I'm switching cars like nicky in casino
Tryna pick me up with kilo
Getting drug money like putting up a free flow
It's too easy to just start hustling when you heard the new g's
These niggas not a comic book
I'm getting dirty money by the book
I'm outside, don't give a fuck how I look
'cause where I come from ain't nobody got money
But they all want something huh
They all want something huh
They all want something huh

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