Silence - Lyn Charles et Guordan Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Silence de Lyn Charles, Guordan

Silence est une chanson de Lyn Charles, Guordan pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées en 2013.

Les paroles de Silence ont été corrigées, cependant, il est probable que se dissimulent encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

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Gotta go, gotta leave, sorry, sorry
Sorry, I gotta go
Don't belong here, no more
I gotta go

I lost a lot for these dreams I've been dreaming
Talking with the devil, having visions with the reaper
Versace ponchos, nigga gold nail seekers
Clicker on the rocks and the war whole features
I'm gone niggas, never coming back
Cause when I was here, you didn't see that
You only admire what you got, when it's gone
Well I can't help you now, so long
I hope my memory will help you understand
Some real niggas just gotta reach they plans
You can't hold em back cause it's god have in faith trivvin
And if you was really riding,
Why you ain't see the vision
I'm just traveling down the trails of my path
A lot of pyramids, lock, smoke and glass
A lot of philadelphia nights, after the crash
I've graduated now I'm selling hope
So many vanity bills, I wanna sell some coke
But I kust kick 87 like cassetti
I started fucking with you for that 87 giuseppe
You started fucking with me for that 12 coupe audi
Out of hope this world

Gotta go, gotta leave, sorry, sorry
Sorry, I gotta go
Don't belong here, no more
I gotta go

Yeah, how can you vision visions, while they're still here
Emilio pucci scarfs, matching scars I wear
Hopeless west side of Philadell, where I hell
Golden chains on like I sold myself a hell
I'm just riding in my bitch like pyramids and goes to well
This world ain't nothing but kings and gods
This world ain't nothing but, dreams and lies
Beneath the surface, I'll earth it
All my life I've been that nigga who is different
All my life I've been that nigga who is gifted
My ex bitch told me lyndon you done changed
You're not the man that I fell in love with
I told her dare I dream, dare I be something
You just afraid that we're not making what we have
Will be nothing
Hello westside, hello westside
Looking at myself, I don't know what lies inside
Since a sensability, jay or some type of product
Tale of 2 cities, but it started on that west side
Ended on that ghost town, on that west end
Fell in love with brooklyn but she live in grinnich, grinnich

If you love me, you'll understand why
Man like me gotta look themselves in the mirror
Said I gotta love, gotta leave
Sorry, I gotta go
Don't belong here, no more
I gotta go
Don't belong here, oh no, gotta go, yeah.

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