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Paroles de Stripper Party de Quez, Cash Out

Stripper Party est une chanson de Quez, Cash Out pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 24 décembre 2013.

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I got 4 bad bitches, brown skin, thick body
Shake it for a nigga, bend it over, get naughty
I'mma call up all my niggas, tell em it's a stripper party
Tell em bring a lot of ones, we about to go retarded
Let's have a stripper party
Let's have a stripper party
Let's have a stripper party
Let's have a stripper party

I got chips, I got cash
We got money, we got bands
She got titties, she got ass
I'mma throw it, she gon dance
Where my phone? Call my niggas
They like nigga wut you doin?
Wut you mean what I'm doin? 4 hoes in my living room
And as soon as the phone hung up they was at the door
I mean as soon as the ones came out, they was on the floor
Yea, let's play that song we did last week
That shit is hard, man
Fuck that hoes I hit last week, that hoe a no no
Now pop that pussy for a hundo
We do this all the time, got a pole on the condo
We hit em by the 2, now that's what you call a combo
Bitch if you ain't wanna fuckin party what the fuck you come for?


Yo girl is a stripper mane, big booty truly
Quez, it's a stripper party, so let's make a movie
She do it on the headstand
I got paper cuts on my cuts, I ain't doin the Band-Aids
Sweep these rodent niggas up, woop woop call me Sandman
Apollo, Gallardo, pocket filled with nacho
Cheese, blessin all these strippers
They ain't even have to sneeze
And the party don't stop here
You know they leavin with me
Bust up bust up bust up
Get to the room, you know we toss up toss up toss up
Shooters by the door, you know they guard me
Money interrupt broke niggas so damn pardon me


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