Goonies - Quez et Que et Strap et Ali Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Goonies de Quez, Que, Strap, Ali

Goonies est une chanson de Quez, Que, Strap, Ali pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés en décembre 2013.

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Yall be trippin bout my home boys
Say they all look like drug dealers
Tats all over they face
Nigga they don't put it in yo face
Chillin with the goonies
Chillin with the goonies
Chillin with the goonies
Chillin with the goonies
Niggas keep a full pint on
Keep a whole pound of marijuana
No deal, yall niggas ain't playin
Try them young niggas if you want it
Chillin with the goonies
Chillin with the goonies
Chillin with the goonies
Chillin with the goonies

Look, envious mob niggas lurkin
Bought a crib, goonie, nigga shootin
I don't gotta pay a nigga nothing
He'll shoot you nigga just to say he shot you
Now I'm ridin on the E with the record
Side of calamari, chillin with my potna
Man these niggas say they'd kill anything
For a fresh pair to niggas like the Pradas, damn
We sho nice at the dope spot
All we gotta keep it all up
These niggas keep wearin they straps
Every time they hear the door knock
Chillin with the goonies
Do we have a problem nigga?
Chillin with the goonies
I tell em get it and they got em nigga


Niggas keep a full pint on
Smoke a whole pound of marijuana
Drink a whole pint of codeine
Choppa make a fuck nigga scream
Free Snoop, free my man Gucci
Free Lil Montana and Lil Mookey
Put a hit on it like Boosy, young nigga servin that puka
Magela magela, I splurge
And my Forgiatos on the curb
I'mma keep sippin this syrup
My nigga still flippin them birds
My put a truck over there in Pittsburg
I got 50 hunned niggas online
Can't wait to put yo ass on a show
For a pint I'll put you in the dirt
Cuz a hoe throw it up, that Rollie
Shoot a bunch it kinda look wide open
Young nigga, no I give no fuck
Can't wait to shoot something, blow it up
Nigga keep keep a sec on it
Trappin all day, all grew em on hoe
If you even close, we head a bitch out
Runnin what's that, put a pistol in yo mouth


My young niggas, you be wildin
If you ask who keep it rockin
My potna's a real nigga from the islands
I'm the one who only rock, niggas try me
My potna got a Bentley and my potna got a Rarri
He never had a job and he never went to college
A whole lot of cash, no wallet
In any other city, goddamn I'm spotted
In the town money I'm getting it, all my niggas in it
20 for the chain, speak 20 for the pigment
All my niggas iced out flexin
Wonder when they did it? My nigga don't question
Mama so you're leavin when we sellin narcotics
Then she right, it's to bat them body
Fire fire fire, all my young niggas bout it
They come up on a check and then they fuck it up and follow this


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