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Paroles de The Beginning de John Legend

The Beginning est une chanson de John Legend pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 20/03/2013.

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Last night was the last night
You'll ever spend alone
Couldn't wait
Did it in the living room
Soon as I saw you, baby, I had plans
Plans to do it 'til we have a baby
Even if the world is crazy
Pick some names for your girl
Then we'll change... change the world

So after you change your clothes
Girl, if you change your mind
I'm ready, whatever time
It's the beginning of forever
You don't have to call
Sometimes you just know
It's the beginning of forever
You don't have to end
Keep doing it, and doing it again
Keep doing it, and doing it again

Last time was the last time
I was worn and done
You the best, that's why I want another one
Soon as I saw you, baby,I had plans,
Plans to do take you to my elevator
And cook a little breakfast later
Pick a place and go there, girl
Then we'll change... we'll change the world


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