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Paroles de The Cypher de Yung Berg

The Cypher est une chanson de Yung Berg pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 13/04/2011.

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en featuring avec Brisco, Young Chris, Freddy P, Chad, Ice Berg, Guyana...

I'm sorry mother
Fresh I was .. my b*tch know what she doing
..crackers down
I call em ..and they ..runnin through em
And then they run through em
..back em how I do em

Yeah look out, want no more drama but I f*ck your baby mama
And then go f*ck your mama so f*ck your amma
She a bella b*tch, she'll eb on my ..dough plus she's a ..
Take care off ..
So I'm still .. this foe, yeah dance in disco and then y cut the p*ssy up
Call me ... you could be a .. hit the color purple I'm ..the p*ssy around
My niggas in the circle, on turbo yeah I'm really ..
Throw that shit up cop me ... yes I really be in
The maserati .. all the .. that's why you girl ..

Ok every day is Friday and I ain't got to lock ..
Keep your .. you could give me my .. your thing
Your sweat that I got .. pull it out in sticks but I ain't no f*cking ..
Sort of five .. I got many .. to get my ..
Let em happen by mistakes look man I had it all plan it's .. to Sunday ..oh I know you see me and I kind of .. this not need it
I'm leaving bullshit papers I'm not reading
I turn down bad ass deal like loud speakers
..swaging every .. yeah I'm reaching that's why your girl .. on my wood
.. pay me for my features I'm not .. pass me that .. I know this how to treat it
.. my dough bird and we are in Orlando, need to get your party right
We can get the ..

Rock it in my leather .. harder than some leather pants
...ready for every chance
Catch me shopping in japan walking with a lesbian
My over flow, over flow colder than .. fan
I took the shot like ..that I got it on my own niggas hittin up my phone
Asking can they .. tell your b*tch that my .. got me .. when ..
And i'ma burry that b*tch and you're gonna marry that b*tch
I'm here to carry my ... circle my man is purple hit it too hard..hurt you
My nigga snip .. all my .. that I disturb you, I catch you ..what's in my bag might really hurt you.
I clearly .. the same and I'm here to change the game
Nothing like .. but me ...
I got the rest of ... nigga ..with me fly young man to the mother f*cker ..

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