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Paroles de Trap de Yung Berg, Los

Trap est une chanson de Yung Berg, Los pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 18/07/2012.

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I'm on a pj and my pj is with a qp of that ku
Sh it you need id when they play you

Yung Berg
Yeahhh, legggo
Several times these fraud niggas try to come at me on fuck shit
But I bounce back on these niggas
Gave they hoes that one dick
Left the club with ray j
And gave two hoes one wish
Five star, getting dough
Spent two hunnit on one bitch
And your hoe like damn I seen him
Shopping with a bitch in memis?
Only came for the bitches and the drinks
Trey songz, t.i., two reasons
Bow hard bet Louis Vuitton
They greeting me with rose
Just left k. smith crib bout to link with meek can't Rozay
And I'm bout, I'm bout it, these bitches know I'm bout it
Had a table with Rihanna
Can't see cause the shit too crowded
Brought my bitch here and her bitch here
Plus she brought her friends here
Rolling like a wheelchair
Me and my nigga sincere, go!

[Refrain] Yung Berg & Los
A hunnit racks, fuck is that?
I drop it back, she threw it back
All we do is trap, all we all we do is trap
All we do is trap, all we all we do is trap
All we do is trap, all we all we do is trap
All we do is trap, all we all we do is trap
Hunnit racks, fuck is that?
All we do is trap, all we all we do is trap

Just grabbed that Medina
Bout to snatch the summer
That bitch black on black like Whoopi fucking Danny Glover
Fucked up that Medina
Had to snatch the Bentley
That bitch triple white I call it Janet, jack and Chrissy
She said "oh my god you sexy
Los, your styles the nicest"
I don't pop no Britney but I pop that Miley Cyrus
I dropped her too she popped her too
Her girlfriend I pop her too
Got the proper dick and when I drop the shit
Now I'm the one she screaming pop her to
I go ham, ham
All red drop top lamb
She got that wham, bam
Then when she drop that shit, god damn
My drop top on rollerblades
My niggas in Paris
And we going cray (cray) (cray) (cray)

[Refrain] Yung Berg & Los

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