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Paroles de Things Change de Chevy Woods

Things Change est une chanson de Chevy Woods pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 15 mars 2013.

Les paroles de Things Change ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort possible que se dissimulent encore des erreurs. N'hésitez pas à me prévenir par mail.

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I ain't tryina go back to selling coke again
Police they tryina focus in,
Hunneds with these frozen gyms
Lions they had they noses in
Now my picture important for the camer I pose for him
Switching up the car so they can never know what I'm rolling in

So you could play your part
Or fall a victim to the game
Me and my niggas used to hustle for the joy
But now things change

Now we getting this money, dividing slices of pie
And only thing that I want
Is what's rightfully mine
I'm talking shoot from a distance,
Them shooters rifling down
Paying for it, think about it
I just might not be around


Coke spots got ran in, yeah I was in em
Selling 50's out them, that was the beginning
Charlie Seen thing, coke team, we was winning
Knowing Ryan Sting, white balls, 9 in it


Now that a pig mean and that thing clean as water
Ocean view scene I done seen all the problems
9 for the bullshit, I've been Ron Harper
Out in LA, looking mean in my Dodger


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