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Paroles de Two Door de Chevy Woods

Two Door est une chanson de Chevy Woods pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 20 décembre 2012.

Les paroles de Two Door ont été corrigées autant que faire se peut, cependant, il est fort probable que se cachent toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à prendre contact par mail.

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That's how you know the weed is lit
Big duke brought the gin
And the cups, and the lemonade
It's tgod, yeah
Gang, now, nigga, I bang now

I got a thing for that paper, she got a thing for them bags
Introduce her to the crib, she fell in love with the pad (word)
My shoes kicked off, still spendin' old money
My easter white work from a foreign snow bunny
Yeah winter came fast, but I killed 'em this summer
All them hand-to-hands I did brought me bands and a drummer
A hundred-round clip they just want to get it done
If you grew up like this then you were sure to have a gun (swerve)
Security slides on the project people
Used to walk in and on the table was a ski slope
All laced up, old heads in the kaida
Said a man is a man when he knows what he likes
Throwin' rocks out a fuckin' jail cell every night
Told myself if i'mma do it then I need the best price
Lowest in the city, watch the coldest in the city
On that dmx, it's all for the money, is you with me?

All this money spending, rosé bottles
You ain't gettin' it, well that's your problem
Open car service with the chauffeur driving
She see all this money, she wanna get inside it

Baby, you fuckin' with a tailor, for real
Diamonds pressed up against that wheel
So tell me, how the fuck does it feel?
When you fuckin' with a tailor, neighbor

These niggas talk money but ain't never wrote a check
Bitch I'm pay-per-view, you in the ring with a vet (floyd)
Small gold chains for the occasion, more classy
Rest in peace, big, we did all this from ashy
So to that let's toast
It's getting' cold, cap said "put on this coat"
Yeah, same shit new money from it
Yeah, fly whips from a fuckin' bucket
Yeah, big red, nigga, keep it truckin'
And if you don't know about it, why you speakin' of it? (why?)
You say that you close to the top
I'm thinkin' "man, when will this nonsense stop?"
That's cool, though, get your climb on
But i'mma bomb first, I been gettin' mine on
Get it? it's cool, man, get your climb on
'cause i'mma bomb first, 'cause I been gettin' mine on


Word up
Shout out to my nigga black the beast
You know that's tailor gang, tgod
Walk like a tailor, talk like a tailor
Get money like a tailor, drink like a tailor
Smoke like a tailor
That's player, baby
Tgod, gang that I banged out on the left side

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