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Paroles de Tim Westwood (freestyle) de Bow Wow

Tim Westwood (freestyle) est une chanson de Bow Wow pour laquelle les paroles ont été ajoutées le 28 mars 2012.

Les paroles de Tim Westwood (freestyle) ont été relues et mises en page, cependant, il est fort probable qu'il y ait toujours des fautes. N'hésitez pas à proposer vos corrections par mail.

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Never starving, we eating over here
Bar's so hard I show me ball of the year
Diamonds on my chain so clear, I ain't bujy
I just more comfortable flying in the leer
Sharp with the swag, my suit's all custom
In the mall blowing racks like it ain't nothing
Bugatti won millie, jury game silly
Catch me with lou wheels starting I ain't feel me
Probably you know how to spot, probably in the latest drop
But making money since the youngest so imagine what I got
Critics say that I only rap about my dough
But the cast outs complaining who I bitching at they're broke
Pockets ...chubby, never in the slum
Still taking orders eating rappers up for lunch
Cash money, young money call it what you want
Who the best doing it homie don't front it
Whistle they wanna know how I feel now
A couple movies done I think I will now, yeah
I told my mama that we in now, no more mozzels, gotta push in the Benz now
Crazy I ain't ... to say, just now
Either fell out hood, he probably in jail now
Only way we conversate is through the mail now
I ain't talking wonder but I'm seeing hella bread now
Back, whistle, yeah, Tim Westwood, yeah, ...

Fresh off the dough, you know it's all good
About 500 horses under that hood, yeah, let's go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ah
Phantom, girls think I'm handsome
I'm in the phantom, girls think I'm handsome
Make the girls go crazy, ... enhancing
About to do it real big, I'm in the uk, ah
I ... I told my DJ just, now watch the girls lust
And when I ... trust it ain't luck
You know that it's blessed with ... so deaf
I still shinning with no diamonds on my neck
I'm the realest one doing it, ain't no one left
Straight off the dome, watch me bring it home
...bow wow nick, patty wet give a dog a bone
Going for the throw, you know I'm the king
You already know boy I'm living on my dream, what's the deal
About to make me another million, don't even wanna see how much my next deal is
The next deal cost, yeah I'm a real boss
Kind of cocky, ain't i? yep a little floss, ah
Fresh off the dome, ymcm homie let's get it on
What it is just of what it is, yeah what it is just of what it is
Me, I'm doing me just of what it is
Roll up another one pass me ... yeah what it is live with tim westwood
Let's get it on yeh let's get it on just let's get it on

I'm on layer jets, knowing make your face from your tears wet
While you rocking last year's west, swag yeah I got prada backs for my luggage
Face on screen for everything I does in the public
Boy wonder make the other boys wonder how I keep it coming different 8 summer
Look don't be amazed cause of me, be amazed cause the v
Came with the five year ... least
Yeah, and if you pay like I'm paid, if you get it how I get it
Then your cribs came with the maze, oh look
But if it didn't then you're slipping catch up
By the time you do I probably do it different
I'm advance see the stone see the wrist see the ice ...
See the phone on my hip, hey where that? what?
I'm right here never late, please see clear it's no blur, yes sir ymcm
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whistle, yeah, yeah, whistle
Got a bad chick and she go hard body black
Diamonds in my chain same color's my Ferrari, I ...
They can't shine like us, tell them boys catch up, big bake take a little bank
Homie put your bets up, whistle
I'm just chilling in the ... nobody cooler
Come and be with bow cause your man is a looser
And I can tell you want me, so shawty stop fucking
It's bad whistle with the number one whistle
Hit them, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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