Truth Hurts - Juvenile et Ivan et Trae The Truth et Dorrough Paroles , lyrics

Paroles de Truth Hurts de Juvenile, Ivan, Trae The Truth, Dorrough

Truth Hurts est une chanson de Juvenile, Ivan, Trae The Truth, Dorrough pour laquelle les lyrics ont été ajoutés le 21 décembre 2012.

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I'm smokin on that motherfuckin drizzy right now
And I could give 2 shits about you bitches right now
I'm sippin on that motherfuckin liquor right now
And I don't give a fuck about you niggas right now
I don't give a motherfuck, I don't give a fuck

No one can't do it better man I'm on my doc
In the hood I'm god bitch I deliver cod
I ain't free I gotta feed this, tell me where I need to be
All my niggas on the corners and they hot like Arizona
Niggas singing like the Jonas, FBI they want us
They say they got a case, them bitches ate a lot of donuts
I'm the warden on my neighborhood, I got it locked
Reason took my Audi to the barber shop, now the top missin
I get paper in New Orleans, Tyler and ...
Get my package from big homie, I be finish with it soon
Pac on nigga, got my glock on nigga
And the Chevrolet impala, get my stalk on niggas


I'm sittin in lambo, you would swear it was flooded
Underneath the seat level, off in the ghetto, I thug it
Bitches get cello melo, but I just won't hit in public
Her face below my waist and I told her don't come above it
And these niggas out here pussy, fuck em, they ain't gonn do shit
This choppa fully loaded, this on that hate and your crew shit
I represent the south west, and on that black, red and blue shit
I heat em like the desert, I storm em like DJ clue shit
This trade I got it so fooly, this price is hot like it's cooly
Bitch throw my pipe like I'm a dooly
I'ma make em beg that ass I'm like juvi
I'ma trade the green like I'm watson
Me giving a fuck is no option
I'm tinted up but I'm watching, with the trunk hittin hard like it's boxin


I don't give a motherfucke, idgamf
Man poppin bottles all night and still got bout 10 left
My niggas standin on the tables, bad bitches poppin mollies
My hoe stripper atl, magic city...
Smokin on that drizzy, double cup and I'm a texas nigga
Condo on my wrist, a couple foreigns on my necklace nigga
Itc that be the kin check it, don't disrespect it nigga
Never slippin, never trippin, long as I'm collectin figures
Money over everythang, purpose of a money dough
Diamonds they be blindin, I'm shinin like some mop and glow
I'm lookin for that gas my nigga, meet me at that stop and go
It's your boy dorrough, I make these bitches drop it low


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